Hi my name is Eraina Mckenzie. I currently live in Birmingham and I am interested in seeing those around me walk in the light of Christ. I love pleasing the Lord and doing His work. A few years back whilst my husband was at work, I remember wondering why people of the bible seemed to experience God much more compared to us today. So I sincerely prayed for a closer walk with God. When my husband came home, God spoke to me through my husband, who told me I need to remove all obstacles to be closer to God’. Through prayer, God made me see the things that were blocking me and reminded me of the things I had previously felt I should do; i.e visit the sick and writing bible studies. Since then I have noticed God has been more personal than ever, and has given me a job to serve others, particulary women with advice and guidance. I am still on my journey, and the LORD has used even my many mistakes to be a help for others, showing them what not to do. This site contains the studies topics and resources that I know God has lead me and others to write. This site is always under development and I would appreciate it if you could therefore inform me of anything you think could be useful for its viewers.

Why “Grace of the LORD”?
Grace simply means = ‘Giving good things, to those who do not deserve it’. All of the bible studies revolve around the Grace of the Lord, covering often unanswered topics such as, Jewellery, Beauty, Guidelines for relationships, showing how they relate to God’s love. Sometimes we may not understand why God wants us to do certain things, but understanding how much He loves us helps us to trust Him more, and then we start to see clearer why He says what He says. It is God’s love and grace that draws everyone to Him (1 John 4:19) . Once we gain that understanding, we will naturally want to love and serve Him.Before God returns (which will be very soon btw), He wants us to be much closer to Him, as His own dear children.

‘We love Him because He first loved us.’ 1 John 4:19′